Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fun at the beach

My Nana lived right on the beach in Cambria, CA. It has these beautiful beaches with tidepools and rocky cliffs. The water is painfully cold, though, so only the wildly crazy go in for long. My cousin, Daniel, who is from England, went in for 15 minutes and said it's the coldest water he's ever been in. The kids still got to have a great time running around, digging, and building castles. This was Catia's first time at the beach. She seemed to have a great time digging her toes in and trying to eat the sand - this girl will eat anything!!


Its ME said...
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Jason and Lisa said...

Looks like a beautiful beach. The first time at the beach is always a fun memory to capture. Eating sand must be a pre-requisite for enjoying the beach...Eli still likes to eat the sand. :)

Joy said...

What great family memories and a nice time to spend with family. Those are cute beach shots. I like the picture below of the 3 of them on Father's Day too.

Taylor Family said...

It was great running into you the other day, your family is precious! :) Let me know if you'd be up for a playdate or something...I'd love a chance to catch up!