Friday, July 25, 2008

Having fun at the water park!

We met our friends at the water park yesterday. At first, Dominic didn't even want to get his shoes wet. After about 10 minutes of that, I finally just picked him up and swung him around in the sprinkler so he got wet. Then, he was totally fine! He ran all through them and was completely drenched, and had such a good time. Catia, on the other hand, immediately went right into the sprinklers, and within about two minutes was completely soaked. She thought it was great! It's about the only thing to do outside right now in this scorching Arizona weather. I can't wait for more monsoon rains!



How fun! You're right, that is the only thing to do here. Even the pool water is too hot!
Your kids are just so beautiful....sooo cute!
Jace and Maya love to play server/restraunt too. Great pics! Kami

Jason and Lisa said...

I agreee with Kami...even the pool water is hot. The splash parks look fun...we don't get to them that often because I don't think G would like it that much and it would be too hot if you aren't wet.