Monday, July 28, 2008

Juan's New Bike

Juan has been riding his bike to work for the last couple of months, and he recently bought a new bike. His work is only a little over a mile away, but he also rides to his Muay Thai class at lunch, then home for a shower, then back to work, and then home again. So, it's probably about 14 or 15 miles per day. I guess that's not too much for him. At his last job, he would ride his bike about 15 miles each way. I don't know how he does it in this heat, but it's great for him, and great on our gas bill. He really enjoys it, too!


Joy said...

I don't know how he doesn't pass out!

Jason and Lisa said...

Wow, good for Juan! I can't stand being in this heat for a few minutes but then again I'm reminded that I shouldn't complain.