Monday, July 28, 2008

Life Lessons

So, Dominic is so friendly and is always talking to people - anyone about anything. He is constantly asking the check-out ladies at the grocery store what their names are and telling them about whatever new thing he's doing. This kind of thing happens everywhere we go. The other day at the water park, there was one other lady there with her kids and he just went over and sat next to her and started talking to her. I'm glad that he's so confident, but he's at the age where I've really been thinking about the whole stranger danger thing. So, we've been having talks about when it's okay and not okay to do those things, and about never taking something from a stranger and what to do if we ever get separated, etc. I was a little afraid that I was going to scare him - although, I'd rather he be a little scared than any worse alternative - but, he's so matter of fact about it, and is so excited to share his new stranger rules with Juan. I guess it's just the beginning of some of these life lessons. One thing that I've done this week is teach him our address and phone number to the tune of different songs that he knows. Kids will learn anything if you put it to music! He had our address down in just a couple days and almost has my phone number (with area code :) ) down, too. I would post a video, because it's so cute, but I don't really want to post our address and phone number. So, you can just use your imaginations!

Catia's lesson for the week (and weeks to come, I'm sure) is not to climb up on to our kitchen chairs (and then table!! aargh). She is way more of a climber than Dominic was at this age. I'm sure it's just because she sees him doing things (not that he climbs on the table). It's funny, because she has been saying that sweet no-no in a sing-song voice that I do when it's just something little that I want to keep her away from. But, after getting up onto the chairs, she has learned how to do a very forceful "no" and even adds in the pursed lips and furrowed brow. Now, if I could only get her to stop dropping food out of her highchair!


Joy said...

It was fun to have you over. Those are some good ideas that I need to do with my younger ones- always refreshing the older ones too. We had a kind of freaky thing happen yesterday that was out of the norm of what we have ever talked about - so just one more thing to warn them about. I too would rather scare them a little than have them be unprepared.

Jason and Lisa said...

What song did you use for teaching the address and phone #? Good for Dominic knowing his address and phone #!

Ugh, we are 2 and still throwing food on the floor. Hopefully, Catia will get it much quicker!