Thursday, August 28, 2008

Catia's 15 month check up

Catia just had her 15 month check up this morning. She's doing really great. The best news is that an "insignificant heart murmur" that was found at her 12 month check up and then heard again when she went in when she was sick, is now completely gone. Yeah!! She is 22 pounds 11 ounces and 30 3/4 inches tall. That's at about the 50th percentile for both. She had been at about the 60th for weight and 75th for height last time, so she's down a little, but the doctor thinks she may just even out there. He thought that her physical abilities and her language and other learning skills that she has are more at an 18 month level. So, we're happy that she's doing so well. And, Dominic was a sweet brother and tried to rub her and comfort her during her three vaccinations today. It's so sweet to see him be the protector for her. Oh yeah, he stuck a raisin up his nose the other day, but we were able to get him to "shoot it out" if you can visualize that :)! He did this about a year ago, and I thought he learned his lesson then, but apparently not. This time, I think we were able to scare him enough with the thought of giant tweezers that I hope he won't try that one again! I mean, really, why do kids find it necessary to shove things in their noses?


Jason and Lisa said...

Yeah, that's great that Catia is doing so well.