Thursday, August 28, 2008

Grandma Otie's 100th birthday!

Sunday, August 24th, would have been my Grandma Otie's 100th birthday. She died in February 1997, but we thought we needed to celebrate the day. So, my mom, sister, niece and I went to lunch and just told stories about our Grandma Otie. She was an amazing feisty lady that never let me get away with anything. My other grandma always called my sister and me angels, but my Grandma Otie always disagreed wholeheartedly - she knew better!! She would always say to us "No vale cinco centavos" - you're not worth five cents - "you're worth lots of cents!" and then giggle. She gave the best backrubs and would braid our hair for us. We loved making mudpies in her backyard and climbing her Mesquite tree. We miss her a ton, but it's so fun to get to pass on all of our special memories to our kids now.