Monday, August 4, 2008

You Know You're In Arizona When...

the pool water is 93 degrees!!! It's not even that refreshing, but I guess anything is better than 110. You can't even walk around the pool without shoes on! I just thought I'd share a few pics of the kids swimming. We got a new camera, so Juan was practicing with it at the pool. The kids are doing a great job. Catia does well going under water, blowing bubbles, and climbing out of the pool. She still doesn't love being in the float position, but that is definitely one that takes some time. Dominic can swim by himself from the side of the pool to me several feet away now, and is doing really well at floating. The last pic of Catia all bundled up after getting out of the pool was just too cute. She looks wiped out.


chicknboy said...

love the look on your blog! :) so cute!

did I know you had a pool at your house?

ah yes, swimming in bath water :) but it's better than nothing!!

Jason and Lisa said...

I love the new look too. It was fun hanging out with you guys today.