Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'll post soon...hopefully!

Sorry I've been out of touch all month. I'm feeling very sleep deprived and a little loopy lately. Catia has been cutting her molars this month and is not happy about it at all. Dominic went through the same thing when he was cutting these teeth. But, she is not sleeping well at all...hence, I'm not sleeping much either. I'm hoping this will all be over by next week, and we'll be back to our normal schedule. I'll catch up on my posting soon.


Jason and Lisa said...

Ugh, praying that you guys get some much needed rest. We're out of town for a few weeks but I'd love to catch up when we get back.

Joy said...

Sorry you are feeling loopy :) - I definately know that loopy feeling. It is just a season of life to cut back on commitments and rest and take care of the kids and yourself. How was your trip? I hope it was nice besides the teething part.