Monday, October 6, 2008

Catching Up!

Wow! These last 6 weeks have just flown by. With the lack of sleep, vacation, and projects around the house, etc, spare time is at a premium. I have a ton of pics to catch up on. I'm going to start with just a bunch of random pics of the kids and what they've been up to. Hopefully in the next few days, I'll get to pics of our vacation to Washington and our trip to the pumpkin patch. Okay, here we go...

just the girls!

Dominic and cousins Joshua and Brennan went to a preschool class at the science center that was all about frogs. Of course, they had a great time making frog masks, catching bugs with their frog tongues (party blowers with velcro), touching a real fire-bellied toad, having frog jumping races, etc. They learned a lot and had so much fun!
Every night before bed, Catia loves to just relax on Juan's lap. Notice the big burn marks on Juan's forehead? He is coming home with new injuries from Muay Thai all the time. This is the most recent one - rub burns from his glove tapping his head as he protects his face. Be glad I didn't show a picture of his recent toe injury (he ended up losing his big toenail - GROSS! - but it's growing back) heehee!!
I can actually put Catia's hair in real pigtails now - not just the little ones on top of her head. She looks like a real toddler now, not a baby. So cute!
Don't you love the Arizona sunsets?
Dominic and his sweet cousin, Adriana, caught sharing a snuggle.
So, Juan's friend, Brad, went on a cruise to Mexico, and came home with this Luchador mask for Dominic. It's hilarious! He thinks it's a superhero mask.
I always pick out Dominic's clothes for him, and he's never cared. It's just the routine. But, the other day, he asked if he could pick out his own outfit. This is what he picked - the two most busy, clashing things he has. He thought it was awesome! So did I!
Dominic, the mechanic!

The lil' Devils!
Catia's new obsession - her dollies.
Why do all kids love to shove themselves into boxes?


chicknboy said...

ahhh..what sweet pictures...EXCEPT for the ones of them in Sun Devil clothing. :)

michelle said...

I know, Jeanette! I'm probably going to turn them into Wildcats, just like my mom turned us into Sun Devils by singing Bear Down to us in our cribs! heehee

Jasmyn said...

Your kids are gorgeous...I can't believe it has been so long! We don't live that far from you guys, we should really get together. If you aren't busy, we are having a 3rd b-day party for Kade on Saturday @ 3pm and we would love it if you wanted to come. E-mail if you want directions:
I also have a blog, it is
looking forward to catching up soon!

Joy said...

Love the pics - they tell so much and it looks like Dominic is going to be just like his daddy. I guess Juan's injuries are for a good reason - I thought it was probably a motorcylcle injury which would be worse!