Thursday, November 13, 2008

October Happenings

Here is a collection of random happenings from October. Catia loves to play piano and play dollies. We just got this cradle that used to be my niece's, and Catia loves to get into it with her dollies and rock it back and forth and say "wa, wa, wa" (rock, rock, rock). Dominic took a sports class through parks and rec - it was basically just intro skills for soccer, basketball, football, volleyball, etc. On the very last day of class, they let the parents come in and play dodge ball with the kids (don't worry, the dodge balls are super soft). That's his coach in one of the pictures with him. At the end, they always do a huddle and say "Soccer rocks" or "Dodgeball rocks". It's too cute! We've been loving getting back outside as the weather gets cooler. Our favorite thing to do is go on bike rides down to the little park in our neighborhood. Juan and Dominic ride their bikes, and I push Catia in her stroller. When we get to the park, Dominic doesn't even take all his gear off. He just parks his bike and is off to play, helmet, pads, and all. We also did a fun craft with him where he got to watch this little tree "grow". He really liked that.