Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays!

I promise to post soon. It's been so long, and the longer I wait, the more daunting it seems to go through all the pictures we've taken over the last 6 weeks. I will do it, though...well, hopefully! I love keeping this record of my children, but I think actually spending time with them and my husband and family takes precedence over blogging, so when time is short, as it often is, blogging gets neglected! :) However, I did feel like I should at least update my fall background for a winter one and update the pictures on the side with the ones we took for Christmas! Catia wasn't in a particularly smiley mood, so she looks rather pensive in these pics, but that's okay. She's still cute. And, I had to add the picture of Dominic making his grumpy face. He actually wasn't grumpy, he just wanted us to take a picture of him making that face. That's Dominic for you. Always the goof! We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and check back soon for updates on what we've been up to the last month or so!