Saturday, February 7, 2009

7th Anniversary

Monday, Feb. 2nd was our 7th anniversary.
In Dec. of 2000, I was home for Christmas from my job in California. I was hoping for a ring for Christmas, but honestly didn't think it would happen then. Juan was in his last semester of college. We always said that we would wait until we were done with college to get married - we just didn't expect it to take Juan 8 years to get it done! haha After 3 changes in his major, and major life changes personally, he was finally about to be done. I had left for California two years earlier, knowing that the long distance would be hard, but that we could sustain knowing that it was temporary and that we would get married when he finished school. So, the November before that Christmas, Juan was visiting me, and I was asking him what he wanted to do while he was there. He kept teasing me and telling me that he wanted to go out to a nice dinner and propose. He said things like that several times over the course of a few months. By the end of that, I was getting pretty irritated, as you can probably imagine. I didn't want to even talk about it unless it was happening. So, I leave for Arizona for Christmas and one of my friends said that she hoped I came back with something sparkly! Well, her wishes worked. Apparently, Juan had sold his truck to buy my ring and was trying to figure out when to propose. In my family, at Christmas dinner, we stand around and pop English Christmas crackers and then all go around and read the funny jokes out loud to everybody, with our silly paper crowns on and enjoy the little trinket that comes out. It turns out that Juan had been carrying the ring around in his pocket for about 3 days, not sure when he was going to propose, and had shown it to just about everybody (even when I was in the next room). So, everyone thought that he might propose during Christmas crackers, as if the ring was his trinket that came out of the cracker and then instead of reading the joke, he'd propose. But, he decided at the last minute that he didn't want to have all of that pressure of doing it in front of our entire families. That night, I went back to his house and we were just hanging out in the dark watching some silly show about dinosaurs on Discovery, and this is how the conversation goes...
J: "I love you" M: "I love you, too" J: "Enough to marry me?" M: "Maybe" (in a snotty tone of voice - think back to how many times he teased me about proposing - I just wasn't in the mood for that again) J: gets down on his knee, pulls out the ring and says "I've been waiting for the perfect time to do this, but I realize that anytime I'm with you, my perfect girl, is the perfect time. I love you, will you marry me?" M: I, of course, was freaking out. I really couldn't believe it was happening, and was feeling terrible about my snotty "maybe", but then said "Of course, yes!!!!"
So, that's our engagement story. Silly, but perfect for us. Now we always joke about how we got engaged in front of the dinosaurs in the dark! But, hey, that's us!

So, I went back to California, gave my resignation and moved back home in March. We started wedding planning. We had picked the date 02-02-02, because Juan thought that was the coolest date. We were looking at that time frame on the calendar, sometime in January or February of 2002, and when we saw that date on a Saturday, Juan said it had to be that day! I just hoped we could find a place we liked available that day. Of course, we did.

We were married at Camelback Inn in Scottsdale at 1:00 in the afternoon. It was a little chilly that day, but we loved it! We were surrounded by about 275 people that we love, and committed that day to love God and each other and to try to be the kind of husband and wife that would glorify Him. I think it was a beautiful ceremony - very personal to us. The party was fun with great food, and then off to a great 7 day honeymoon in Florence, Italy!

Seven years and two children later, I am so thankful for my wonderful husband and blessed life. Marriage is super hard work and not for the faint of heart. Praise God for sustaining us through this journey and I am looking forward to a long, wonderful road with my sweet Juan.

Sorry these pics are fuzzy. I scanned them in, so the quality isn't great. But, I thought I'd share a few memories from the day. I had to include my sweet niece, Lauren, who at 15 months was the perfect flower girl! Oh yeah, for those of you that have never seen Juan with long hair, enjoy the pics!! He actually has beautiful hair when it's long, seriously!


Joy said...

That is so neat - I didn't know a lot of those details. Your wedding was amazing and I still love your flowers even though they weren't exactly what you wanted or something. Congratulations!

Jasmyn said...

I still remember and can't believe it has been seven years! It was such a beautiful wedding. And Juan with long hair still looks so normal to me. I am still trying to get used to his short hair!:)

Jason and Lisa said...

Congratulations on 7 years. :)

Sarah said...

What a nice story! I have always known "Michelle and Juan"- you have been together as long as I have known you, but I never knew that great story. Glad you are still so in love and committed. Something wonderful for Mark and I to aspire to! Congrats!