Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kids First Snow Day!

Mommy and Catia
Mommy and Dominic (with Catia crawling in)
Dominic with his evil laugh as he is getting ready to hit me with a snowball.
Catia getting ready to eat snow off her glove.
Catia's first snow angel.
Dominic's first snow angel

Daddy and Catia falling off the sled.
Daddy and Dominic sledding.
Catia getting ready to head to the hill.
Dominic getting ready to head to the hill.

On Sunday, we took the kids to Flagstaff for their first trip to the snow. The snow wasn't great, as it was 47 degrees, but they still had a great time. It was a bit too hard and icy for building a snowman, but it didn't stop the sledding, making snow angels, or throwing snowballs (Dominic's favorite part). Catia mostly loved just sitting and trying to eat the snow off of her gloves. Even though we drove nearly 6 hours round trip and had a huge diaper blow out (that's a whole story all on its own - ugh!), it was still a beautiful day that Dominic (maybe not Catia) will remember.


chicknboy said...

oh how cool!

Now I'm REALLY bummed. we were going to go up to Flag. 2 weeks ago and the chamber of commerce told us not to bother cuz there wasn't enough snow to play in! obviously there was!

Jasmyn said...

So fun! We did that last year right about this time! Gavin was bundled up in the baby carrier most of the time, but Kade loved it! I love the snow...and then being able to leave and get warm:)