Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day Party

Susanne and I threw a Valentine's Day party for the kids and some of their friends on Saturday. And, what is more fun than kids in costumes? So, we decided to make it a dress up party. It was so much fun. The kids spent a lot of time just playing outside in the yard on the jungle gym, throwing leaves, and playing sword fight. We also had some fun and games. The bigger kids played valentine's bingo with conversation hearts and then made their own valentines. The little kids did a foamie craft and then did a heart hunt (like easter eggs but with paper hearts). And, what would a valentine's party be without treats. So, they enjoyed plenty of homemade cupcakes, homemade lollipops, and some fruit with scrumptious fruit dip. Delicious!! I think everyone had fun and it may become an annual event! Catia was dressed up as a super sweet lovebug (tutu courtesy of my friend Miss K) and Dominic was a pirate (although he says instead of being a bad pirate that steals money and jewels, he is a good pirate that steals hearts and kisses.) All the kids were so cute!