Monday, August 24, 2009

Seeing Spots?

Okay, now that you're all probably never going to come to my house ever's not contagious! Can you believe those spots? I couldn't when I saw them. We got home from Prescott on Thursday night and on Friday morning, I woke up to these welt like spots all over D's body. They weren't quite as bad as these pics on Friday morning (although they were worse than the pics on Saturday). I assumed that he had an allergic reaction to some plants or trees up there, since he spent a good amount of time stomping through the bushes locating his toy plane that he was flying off of the balcony of the cabin. So, I just gave him B*nadryl thinking that would help. After an hour or so, they weren't any better, so I called the doc. Made an appointment and took him in. Turns out it's a weird skin disease called pityriasis rosea. (We did do some blood tests, just to make sure it's not lyme disease or something - should get results tomorrow morning, but I really don't think that's it. It was his first blood draw and he was a super trooper. Seriously, one little "Aaahh" when the needle went in and then that was it. No crying. Didn't jerk his arm or anything. Just sat there and watched his blood squirt into the tubes.) It's just coincidental that it happened after running through the forest for three days. In the past, there was no cause for it, but now they think that it's related to a viral infection. It's something that he probably had a month or two ago, maybe didn't even have any symptoms, just carried it. But, then the rash shows up. Sort of like fifth's disease or roseola, just a longer time between virus and rash. And, a way, way worse rash. It usually starts with what's called the "herald spot" - one spot on the belly or back, then a couple days later the rest of the rash shows up. Well, on Wednesday, I did see a spot on D's chest, but it looked like a little welt. With all of his romping through the bushes, I just assumed that he got poked by a branch. Guess not. The worst part about this is that the rash can last 2-3 months...yes, months! Thankfully, it doesn't itch really. It seems to get worse when he gets hot. So, he can't wear his favorite batman or buzz lightyear pajamas to bed right now, because they are pants and they keep him too warm. And, we are also thankful that it is completely non-contagious. How bad would that be, having to keep him quarantined for 2-3 months? So, have any of you ever heard of this or had experience with pityriasis rosea?


Joy said...

That is crazy - and in summer too when you can't cover it up so every person doesn't ask or look at you weird.

chicknboy said...

I have never heard of this -but man it looks awful! poor Dominic!

Jason and Lisa said...

Poor kiddo! I'm glad it doesn't bother him and isn't contagious. What a relief. Hopefully, it clears up soon. So, once you have it does it ever go away or just lay dormant?