Monday, November 30, 2009

Updates Coming!

I will be back to posting...someday soon hopefully. We've been busy with activities with the kids, projects, school, crafts, life. I am hoping to catch up on posting about some of the things we've been doing. Until then, you can look at our new family pictures on the sidebar. Be back soon.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Our New Neighbors!

One of the bonuses of moving further southeast is having these wonderful new neighbors. We are all so excited when we find our little friends on our back wall in the mornings and evenings. There is a field right behind our house, so our wall is the perfect vantage point to look for bugs and lizards! YUMMY! For me, a former animal trainer and lover of all things raptor, this is perfect. I can't wait for the fall migration to see what new friends might fly by.

Burrowing Owls with their typical "whatchu looking at?" faces on.

Burrowing Owls enjoying the cool morning.

One burrowing owl minding his own business, when who comes up behind him?

Our other neighbor, Roadrunner. I wish I could have gotten a picture of burrowing owl's reaction. Wings puffed out, head drooped, swaying back and forth. "Hey, buddy, this is my wall." It was awesome. The roadrunner politely obliged, hopped down, went by on the ground, and when he was about five feet down the wall past the owl, he hopped back up and continued on his way.
Roadrunner making sure he's far enough away from owl.
Earlier in the summer, this beautiful male kestrel came to visit. He let me get about 3 feet away from him and kindly posed for multitudes of pics. Thank you Mr. Kestrel. Hope to see you again soon.

Enjoying the Rain!

Since we hardly ever get rain, it'sa huge adventure for the kids to go play in it. They just love to stomp in the puddles and try and drink the rain. So, this morning they spent about 45 minutes outside - probably the longest they've been able to be outside at one time since April! Thank you, Lord, for a day below 110 degrees!

I (Heart) the Arizona Sky

I remember when I lived in California after college how I missed the beautiful Arizona sunsets. Here are just a few beautiful pics from the summer sunsets as well as a couple of amazing monsoon sky pics. (Ignore the annoying power lines) Enjoy!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

We Miss You, Henri!

Henri Naccache
5/13/70 - 8/29/09
Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Best Friend

Monday, August 24, 2009

Seeing Spots?

Okay, now that you're all probably never going to come to my house ever's not contagious! Can you believe those spots? I couldn't when I saw them. We got home from Prescott on Thursday night and on Friday morning, I woke up to these welt like spots all over D's body. They weren't quite as bad as these pics on Friday morning (although they were worse than the pics on Saturday). I assumed that he had an allergic reaction to some plants or trees up there, since he spent a good amount of time stomping through the bushes locating his toy plane that he was flying off of the balcony of the cabin. So, I just gave him B*nadryl thinking that would help. After an hour or so, they weren't any better, so I called the doc. Made an appointment and took him in. Turns out it's a weird skin disease called pityriasis rosea. (We did do some blood tests, just to make sure it's not lyme disease or something - should get results tomorrow morning, but I really don't think that's it. It was his first blood draw and he was a super trooper. Seriously, one little "Aaahh" when the needle went in and then that was it. No crying. Didn't jerk his arm or anything. Just sat there and watched his blood squirt into the tubes.) It's just coincidental that it happened after running through the forest for three days. In the past, there was no cause for it, but now they think that it's related to a viral infection. It's something that he probably had a month or two ago, maybe didn't even have any symptoms, just carried it. But, then the rash shows up. Sort of like fifth's disease or roseola, just a longer time between virus and rash. And, a way, way worse rash. It usually starts with what's called the "herald spot" - one spot on the belly or back, then a couple days later the rest of the rash shows up. Well, on Wednesday, I did see a spot on D's chest, but it looked like a little welt. With all of his romping through the bushes, I just assumed that he got poked by a branch. Guess not. The worst part about this is that the rash can last 2-3 months...yes, months! Thankfully, it doesn't itch really. It seems to get worse when he gets hot. So, he can't wear his favorite batman or buzz lightyear pajamas to bed right now, because they are pants and they keep him too warm. And, we are also thankful that it is completely non-contagious. How bad would that be, having to keep him quarantined for 2-3 months? So, have any of you ever heard of this or had experience with pityriasis rosea?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Return to Blogland

Wow! I can't believe it's been six months since I last posted. Right after that, we moved. Things got busy and the longer I waited to post, the more overwhelmed I felt at the thought of catching up on all that we had done. Well, I've decided to just stop procrastinating!! I'm just going to start fresh now and periodically I'll go back and post some pics of things from the last six months.

Here's a quick overview of what has gone on. Moved, Easter, both kids birthdays in May - threw a Peter Pan party for them and it was a blast!, swim lessons, Juan went on a two day motorcycle adventure in Georgia with his brother, swimming in our pool a ton, fixing up the house, becoming a DIY blog stalker (will try my hand at some fun DIY's and post about them eventually), family in town, family out of town so dog-sit a sweet but crazy 6 month old lab, attended our first homeschool convention, Catia's head and Dominic's metal toy plane collide and blood follows, said goodbye to our favorite gym Rolly Pollies, visited our precious Henri who is not well (see this post), went to Prescott for a few days, and now have a son who is covered in a red awful non-contagious rash (Juan is out of town with the camera, so I'll take pics and post in a couple days). I'm sure I missed a ton, but that's all the info this brain can hold.

I am going to attempt to get back into a routine of blogging. Hope you will enjoy a little glimpse into our crazy life. Be back soon!